I hope you still have some apples left as this recipe is a cracker especially if you like spicy food. It comes from my preserving bible mentioned in the previous post but with a couple of added tweaks. The recipe is a relish rather than a chutney so kind of has a liquid vinegary base with lots of tasty things in it.


First of all prepare 2lb 8oz or there about of eating apples cored and chopped small. place them in some cold water with a dash of lemon juice to stop them going brown until you are ready for them.


You will need 1 3/4 pints of cider vinegar. Place half of this into a pan adding the drained and dried apples and bring to the boil. Boil until the apples have softened. While they are boiling prepare the rest of your ingredients…


Chop 6oz of chilli’s finely (don’t be afraid of them it is a spicy relish but not unbearable!) Also ALWAYS remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling chillis!


Chop finely (or grate) half a large head of garlic and a large piece of root ginger. Measure out 3oz of mustard seeds and crush them up a bit to release the flavour.


I added some cumin a good amount (about 2 dessert spoonfull’s) toasted and then crushed for maximum flavour. Finally chop roughly 6oz of seedless raisins. Put all the spices into a large bowl and mix really well together.


All this time keep an eye on your boiling apples as they shouldn’t take too long. When they are done drain them (saving the liquid) and add the apples to the spices with the salt and stir really well.



Mix 12oz of soft brown sugar with 1 pint of cold water and bring to the boil. Continue boiling to make a runny syrup. Add the syrup and both lots of vinegar to the apple and spice mix and stir really well.


Now you are ready to bottle! Make sure your jars are clean and sterile fill up and add the lid. Although not quite to the top its not a good idea for the vinegar to touch the metal lids as it can corrode them otherwise use a kilner jar with a glass lid and rubber seal. They need to sit for two to three months for all the flavours to amalgamate and become extra tasty. It is beautiful with cheese or meat, to be honest a little bit on the side will spice up any meal! When they are ready decorate as you see fit and hey presto some wonderful Christmas gifts.