Comfort food – lemon polenta and almond bisuits

Comfort food – lemon polenta and almond bisuits

Since lockdown came into being people seem to have become obsessed with baking. I can’t tell you how many instagram pictures of sour dough bread, brownies and cup cakes I’ve seen. This is not a problem just an observation as I have always been a little obsessed with baking myself. One of the main problems I’ve found is not being able to source yeast for love nor money anywhere, simply clarifying my suspicion that everyone is at it! Anyway I thought I’d have a little experiment myself with some gluten free biscuits I was inspired by a few recipes I have seen for Italian style citrus biscuits. I wanted tasty, not to dry and dunkable and I think I’ve just about cracked it.

You will need,

150g polenta, 100g ground almonds, 200g gluten free all purpose flour, 75g runny honey, 150g butter, 2 eggs, pinch of salt and the zest of a large lemon (or two smaller ones).

I don’t like things to be too sweet so if you do you can add some extra icing sugar to make them sweeter. Simply pop everything in a food processor and pulse until the ingredients make a sticky cake dough like mixture. Don’t over work it but enough to be thoroughly mixed. Switch your oven to 180 degrees, 160 for a fan assisted or gas mark 4. While the oven is warming up get a couple of oven trays and either grease them or cover with baking paper. Use a couple of teaspoons to spoon out the mixture onto the trays leaving some space around each one as they will spread a little.

Once all the mixture is spooned out (should be around 45 blobs) use a folk to press down softly leaving a nice pattern in the middle and then tidy up the edges a little by gently pressing in. No need to be too precise as these are meant to be a little rustic, think little town somewhere in Italy enjoying your morning espresso in the sunshine with one of these. Although personally I’ll be on the pot of black earl grey tea!

They need to cook for about 10-15 mins. Keep an eye on them and as they begin to brown around the edges take them out they are done. They are not a crispy snapping biscuit much more soft in the middle. Leave too cool for a little bit before enjoying! Once they are totally cooled keep them in an airtight jar for a few days, although my guess is they might not last that long if your household is anything like mine!