A bunch of the most cheerful and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met!

A bunch of the most cheerful and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met!

For this leg of my travels I was travelling with G Adventures. I am very impressed with their ethos and style of travel. They also have projects all over the world that create work for local people and ensures that money from tourism goes back into the local community. In Hoi An there is an initiative that trains street children to work in the five star hotel business by running an excellent restaurant serving local food.

They also provide lessons in rice noodle making which was so much fun! I honestly have never met a bunch of more enthusiastic people who made us feel so welcome. Look them up and read more about what they do here Streets International

To make the noodles sticky rice is blended with water to make a consistency like double cream. This mixture is them spread very thinly onto a muslin cloth and steamed for a short while until it sets into a rice pancake. This is gently removed and left to cool. It can either be used as it is for the casing of a spring roll, dried out or cut into various sizes of noodle. Sounds simple right…well its not! I bought some of the utensils needed for this and I will attempt to make them at home but I don’t fancy my chances much.

After all that exertion we were treated to lunch which was based on the noodles we had just made. It was delicious, one of my best meals so far! Noodles, prawns, chicken, chilli, vegetables and topped with a couple of quail eggs. Unfortunately I tucked in before taking a picture so the image is of a half eaten dinner, I will get to grips with this one of these days. At least you know I don’t stage anything and this is my life!

I can’t recommend these lovely people enough and their delicious food very worth a visit. They have a great cook book which is currently on a slow boat home as it was too heavy to add to my baggage so when I’m home I will most definitely be making this. The other image is some of my travel companions and we were having a fruit moment at the time 🙂