And finally to Cambodia

And finally to Cambodia

I apologise for being a bit slow keeping up with my travels here. I am blaming my shoddiness firmly on the lack of access to decent internet and not at all anything to do with enjoying myself and having a good time. Well I’m glad thats cleared up!

So onto Cambodia. First stop Phnom Penh for a blast to the senses of colour, sound, smells and people. The first evening there was the last day of festivities for the new moon festival that had been going on for about four days. The streets were full of hustle and bustle, families enjoying time together, lively music and food stalls all over the place. There was also an incredible amount of illuminations. The edge of the Mekong river that runs through the city was lined with big boats displaying an extravagant range of lights really quite beautiful and a great introduction to the city.

The food stalls looked interesting and I’m guessing full of tasty treats if you like deep fried crickets, silk worms, tarantula’s or embryo eggs. I am afraid I did not try any of these sorry to be a disappointment but I’m sure they might have been tasty? I love the accidental irony of the teeshirt slogan in the first photo too, its great when these things happen!

Cambodians have been through some really tough years in recent history and maybe because of this they seem to know how to party and they really love their King. His pictures are everywhere so much so I began to feel like maybe I’d met him somewhere before.

Now a festival is not a proper festival without porter loos. It made me chuckle to myself that I was half way around the world and really things are essentially just the same. We human beings have the same basic needs and issues wherever we live or whatever nationality we are. Remembering that creates a common ground and maybe a more tolerant attitude.

Anyway a good time was had by all including me a really great experience to see such a city in full party mode.