Beng Mealea

Beng Mealea

About twenty five miles away from the main concentration of temples in Siem Reap is Being Mealea. This temple has been even more enveloped by the jungle and has had no restoration whatsoever or any of the vegetation cut back (which apparently does happen at Ta Prohm). At this temple there is even more of a sense of being an explorer. Getting around the site is not for the faint hearted quite a bit of climbing is involved over piles of stone or through windows and along roof tops. It is very easy to get lost especially as the route is not obvious so it is very helpful to have a guide, on this occasion I didn’t go off on my own which I think was the right choice as I probably would still be trying to find my way out now.

One of the fascinating things both here and at Ta Prohm is the amazing root structures that have formed over many years around and over the ruins. There is this real sense of time passing and nature claiming the area back. It gives you an insight into the power of nature and the inevitable circle of life as well as the temporality of human life.

It is great fun exploring and being quite so free to roam around. I suspect in time this will change as health and safety issues creep in so maybe a visit sooner rather than later should be recommended if you want the true sense of exploring ruins in the jungle.


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