Out and about in Mandalay

Out and about in Mandalay

Mandalay is much like any other big city for the most but there are a few gems to search out. One of those is Mandalay hill and the temples and pagoda which are situated on the way up. It also gives the best view around. We wandered off in search of the hill and found a few things along the way. To get to Mandalay hill we needed to walk round the Royal Palace complex that is surrounded by a huge moat. The walls are enormous over eight meters high and three meters which and stretch in a square for two kilometres each side. To be fair we didn’t quite appreciate what a trek this would be but the sun was out and the sky was blue so it was very pleasant to wander around the moat even if it did go on forever!

The path around the moat is lined with beautiful old twisted trees that make delightful patterns with their branches. At one point I looked up and realised one of the trees was full of hundreds of crows or ravens….never have been sure how to tell them apart.

Some interesting coloured and shaped properties. I’m intrigued to know what the open space at the top of these three houses is for any ideas? And bright pink is a bold life choice for your home!

And some people…I might have said this before but the Myanmar people are by far the most well dressed in Asia. Men in sarongs are a definite must they look so smart…Can you imagine British men in sarongs, it would be hilarious!

Finally it wouldn’t be a major city in Myanmar without a temple or pagoda every now and again.

We were also quite excited to find a range of excersize contraptions along the way which entertained us and what a lovely view to work out to!