Fur Berlin

Fur Berlin

A bit of a cross over today from my other site www.sarahgracedye.com but it is entirely about travel so I thought I’d share it here to.

Back in November I went to Berlin and started making g a book when I got home about that. I had collected ephemera on the trip to use including a lovely tiny chocolate box which I was going to use as a homer the book. But unfortunately I left it on my bed and it must have had the smell of chocolate about it still so my cairn terrier Florence decided to chew it to bits!

So the little book remained unfinished and homeless. Many people knew of the plight of the homeless Berlin book and recently a kind friend gave me another tiny chocolate box about the same size and I was finally able to finish the book and make him a forever home. Left with the pieces of the original box I had idea for another little book which became ‘The dog who ate my homework’. I will post a video of that one soon so you can see the full story.

For now here is the finished ‘Fur Berlin’, enjoy.

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