Dosa’s on the Golden Mile

Dosa’s on the Golden Mile

I’m on my way back up north and have stopped off in Leicester for a night to catch up with a couple of friends. We decided to go out for a Dosa on the Golden Mile which, if you have never been to Leicester, is a mile of road full of everything asian. Banks, jewellery, food, clothes all in a buzz of colour sounds and smells. Definitely one of the best places in the UK for a curry.



We landed on Bobbby’s restaurant and takeaway a nostalgic place I remember from my student days in this city over twenty years ago. They provide a great selection of sweet and savoury snacks to take away or you can sit in for more of a meal. It is a bit shabby around the edges and could do with a fresh coat of paint but the food did not disappoint! First up was a sweet lassi. Creamy smooth with a perfect amount of sweetness.



Next we had a Masala Dosa. A crispy rice pancake filled with a potato, onion and sweetcorn mix accompanied by veg pickle, coconut chutney and a vegetable sambhar. It was delicious simple as that. Bobby’s is a no frills kind of place but is big on flavour and small on price.



We also had a dish of Paneer Pili Pili which is paneer cheese marinated in a sweet and spice sauce made from onions and peppers. This was nose runningly spicy! I had an extra sweet lassi to counteract the chilli heat!



Finally on our way home we picked up some Barfi (pistachio, almond and coconut) to take home to have with a cup of tea. This was ultra nostalgic for me as when I was a student I would finish my job as a librarian on Saturday lunch time and pick up a box of this on my way home to munch through whilst drinking tea and watching the Brookside omnibus with my housemate…These days I can only manage a small mouthful as it is so ridiculously sweet!