Endless coleslaw ideas

Endless coleslaw ideas

So… healthy coleslaw? Can it be healthy? Of course with a little imagination and no mayonnaise. I make coleslaw a lot as its easy cheap lasts for two or three days in the fridge and, in my opinion, is much tastier than the generic shop bought mayonnaise stuff and is a much nicer salad than something made with a limp lettuce.

I will take you through one recipe but the possibilities are endless. See what veg you have in the bottom of your fridge grate it add some flavouring and hey presto an interesting salad.

So for this one I am using half a cauliflower, two courgettes, a fennel bulb and a bunch of coriander. Simply grate or chop everything to a similar size and mix together in a large bowl. Then you need to add in some flavour to bring out the best in your veg selection. For this one I’ve gone for lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. I am very fortunate to have my friends in Italy as they have an olive grove and press their own olive oil! I only have a tiny bit left as I’ve eked it out over a year or so because last year the crops failed so there was no oil…I’m hoping this year is successful might be an excuse for another visit. The last lot I swapped with 400 Yorkshire tea bags!

Add the grated rind and juice of a lemon a good glug of olive oil lots of freshly ground black pepper and some salt. Mix really well and its done. This amount serves four large portions or eight small portions.

I ate mine as part of a very easy dinner of potato wedges smothered with smoked paprika and cumin seeds and some corn on the cob. I am not a vegetarian but am very happy with meals like this and never miss the meat. It is filling and kind of healthy comfort food. You can always have a bit of mayonnaise on the side!




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  • Very refreshing – in all senses! Really enjoyed your presentation and LOVE the drawings. As a (very lazy) artist myself I really appreciate the magic of the moment grabbed with a pencil. Your enthusiasm for the food and everything that goes with it is palpable.

    • Thank you so much Jane! I really appreciate your comments and love that you are enjoying the blog… I love writing it and would do it anyway if no one was reading it but its nice to know someone is x

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