A little break from Temples in Laos

A little break from Temples in Laos

I thought it might be time for a little interlude from temples before temple fatigue sets in as there are plenty more to come!

So today let me take you back to Laos to the Kuang Si Falls. If you are anywhere near to Lauang Prabang then this is a must for a visit. You can make a day of it as there are places to eat, a bear rescue sanctuary, plenty of market stalls, somewhere to change so you can swim and lots of natural beauty to walk through.

It is a very lush green area due to the water and maybe because I went towards the end of the rainy season but I suspect due to the moisture it would always be very green. There is all sorts of wildlife around as you follow the river up to the biggest of the falls. Keep your eyes open for beautiful fungi and interesting plants. There are plenty of birds and insects to discover too.

The trees are fascinating some of them seem to be really very old with twisted trunks and covered in a mass of growth towering above your head. The air is full of moisture from the falls which makes for a little mini atmosphere all of its own.

There are various sections to the falls starting small and meandering up to the largest one at the end of your walk. There are two areas that you are able to swim the second area is the best as you can swim under falls and perch on a rock to catch your breath! It is hard work swimming against the current of the waterfall torrent in front of you…not for the faint hearted or weak swimmer! But very worth the effort. The water is very cold but a lovely refreshing change in the sticky heat. Be very careful of jumping in as there are a number of large jagged rocks just under the surface so check the area carefully first so you know what you are jumping on.

I found this to be a stunningly beautiful place made even more magical by the water droplets and the sunlight coming through the foliage of the trees. The rescue bears are also worth walking around. They have all been saved from a range of things and some have clear scars from their previous lives. They are however now very happy by all accounts with plenty of space and company.