The Sadan Caves – the boat trip back

The Sadan Caves – the boat trip back

Once out the other side of the cave its worth hanging around for a bit and soaking up the warm air and delightful scenery. When you’re ready there is a little group of boats and men ready to ferry you under the cave and back to the beginning.

You can hire a whole boat or wait for other people and share but the cost is pretty minimal so we went on our own.

The first bit takes you directly under the mountain through quite a low opening it is beautiful to watch the ripples reflecting on the ceiling as you travel underneath.

Once out the other side you are met by a field of blue reflecting the sky on the still mirror like surface of the water. This then becomes fields of rice and lotus flowers as far as the eye can see. The surroundings are so very beautiful they take your breath away. I can truly say it is some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.

The journey gently winds round the mountain on such a delightfully tranquil course it is bit akin to a therapy session! I can’t encourage you enough to take this journey it is stunning.  Along the way you will pass other boat men returning from their journeys ready for a little rest and then the next customer.

Eventually (I can’t tell you exactly how long it took as that bit of my brain switched off entirely for the duration of the journey!) you come to the end of the line and scramble out of the boat back onto dry land. At this point you need your shoes as there is a ten minute walk back around the last bit of the mountain to where the adventure first began.