Courgette and Almond or Pistachio cake

Courgette and Almond or Pistachio cake

This cake has been a favourite of all my friends for a long time. It would be requested for birthdays on a regular basis. It is only recently that I have been experimenting with the recipe to make it successful as a gluten free treat. I am very pleased to say I think I’ve cracked it and the handful of people who have tried it seem to approve.


2 medium courgettes
2 large eggs
125ml olive oil
5oz bark brown sugar
9oz gluten free self raising flower
3/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
1 teaspoon baking powder

Whisk together the oil, sugar and eggs in one bowl.

Grate the courgette ( keep it on the slightly chunkier side don’t use the smallest grater size as it just all turns to mush!) onto a clean tea towel and twist the tea towel around to squeeze out the excess juice. Save the juice for a little extra treat I will share with you at the end…

Add the flour, bicarb and baking powder to the oil,eggs and sugar and mix together. Then add the courgettes. Mix together well and pour the batter into two 8inch cake tins greased and line the bottom with greaseproof paper. Pop the oven on at gas 4 or 180c and bake for about half an hour until a skewer comes out clean. Take out of the oven and leave to cool a little before turning out onto a cooling rack.

While the cakes cool down make the frosting by mixing together one tub of mascarpone cheese, the zest and juice of a lime and a little icing sugar to taste. When the cakes are cold spread half the mixture on one half and sandwich together the two cakes. Spread the other half onto the top of the cake and sprinkle liberally with toasted pistachios or flaked almonds which ever you prefer. Cut into pieces and enjoy with a large cup of tea…OR you might fancy something a little stronger…

Remember the courgette juice you saved earlier? Use it to make a very vibrant and fresh gin and tonic! A slice of lemon just tops it off nicely. It might sound weird but it really is refreshing and tasty give it a try and see what you think. It’s one of your five a day so must be healthy!