Some of the most beautiful paintings EVER

Some of the most beautiful paintings EVER

Chitra Shala is part of the palace in Bundi and is full of turquoise, blue and gold gently disintegrating wall paintings. It is magical. There are no words really it literally took my breath away. These paintings belong to The Bundi School of painting which was an important style of Indian miniature painting in Rajasthan from the 17th century all the way through to the end of the 19th century.

Pretty much every surface is covered with some pattern or image and the whole thing sits majestically together, a feast for the eyes and soul!

There are quite a number of paintings of women dancing or walking through gardens and with wildlife. One of the most exquisite bits of painting is the translucency of the skirts over the legs so you can see through to the trousers underneath, stunning work.

And finally I was intrigued and mesmerised by a number of paintings that have a kind of flattened perspective depicting a garden or palace. They really give some insight to design.