And then there was Angkor Wat (part one)

And then there was Angkor Wat (part one)

I have so very many photos of Angkor Wat it will have to be covered by at least a couple of posts or else if anyone is actually reading this you may well loose the will to live!

First up sunrise. I had to get up at 4.30am for this and I did wonder if it would be worth the effort. Well thankfully it was. The sky went through a number of colour changes as the sun came up which was lovely to watch. It was also quite cool to arrive in the dark having never seen the place before and then wait for the big reveal to unfold. I would quite like to go back again for golden hour and sunset as I think that would be pretty spectacular.

If you are thinking of doing this then I recommend get there early because hundreds of people have had the same idea and you will want to get a good spot. Its quite hard getting a spot where there will be no people in your images but it is possible if you move around and spot opportunities. Or you can bring a flask of tea (I wish I had!) and find a bit of ancient monument to sit on and just enjoy the experience.


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