More from Kochi

More from Kochi

If you do visit Kochi there is plenty to keep you occupied for a few days. The Dhobi Khana Washing Collective is very interesting for a visit. You need to go earlier in the day if you want to meet any of the workers. They do a remarkable job all by hand starting at four in the morning! It provides work for many families who are proud of what they do.

If you get challenged to pick up an iron give it a go they are incredibly heavy. It makes one think of how easy in many ways we have it with our fast everything and easy availability of machines to help with everything. A day working here would be better than a work out at the gym!

After this trip you might be in need of some refreshments especially if its thirty something degrees and eighty percent humidity as it was when I visited. An ideal place to relax and maybe have a spot of lunch would be The Ginger House. As the name suggests all things ginger related are available here, plus lots more so if you don’t like ginger (why ever not?) it is still well worth a visit.

The uniqueness of the place comes from the fact that it is a museum as well as a restaurant. Everything you see in there is an antique of some sort and the space is packed with these interesting objects. It has a lovely calming garden with a fountain and views out over the river.

It can be found in Jew Town, Mattancheri an area of Kochi, not far from the The Paradesi Synagogue which is the oldest active synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations, dating back to 1568 also worth popping into for a visit. The floor is very old Chinese blue and white tiles and the ceiling is full of beautiful crystal chandeliers. Photos are not allowed in here so you will have to make do with the outside only!